The perfect jeans 

Tell me that you have never dreamt about finding the perfect pair of jeans ?
Jeans that you can rely on in any occasion…
Jeans that perfectly fits any body shape
A quality product, made of long lasting fabric that will keep its shape forever
Jeans manufactured in responsible workshops
We need your help to bring to life those perfect jeans for women over 5’8’’ / 1,78m.

It will take a minute or so!

Tall Frenchies processes the data collected to develop the ideal jeans and inform respondents of its launch.  To learn more about the management of your personal data and to exercise your rights, refer to the GDPR notice.

Please don't hesitate to share your feedbacks to help us designing the perfect jeans!
So that we prepare our logistics and be able to ship to you !
So we can share with you when the perfect jeans will be launched !

Thanks !

Thank you so much for your contribution in creating the best jeans for women over 5’8’’ / 1,75m !

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