The perfect jeans

What would your perfect jeans look like?
We need your opinion to develop the one you will never leave !

A new start !

Tall Frenchies was created by Camille in October 2017 and lived successfully through 2 collections. Then other great projects came up for Camille: her family welcomed 2 beautiful little princesses and she dived full speed in her dream job as Freelance in Digital Marketing.

Yet great projects always find ways to go on: for Tall Frenchies the restart was triggered by two nice encounters with Fatimata, model maker and entrepreneur and Marie-Eugenie, financial director and Tall Frenchies client. Tall Frenchies is now a collective adventure, enhanced by the precious skills of a great team and refocused on new values: fashion & sustainable clothing for tall women.

And for this project to be successful we need you! Your feedbacks will be precious for us to adapt our new products to your wishes, starting with your dreamt Jeans.Then just rely on us to add some trendy French touch to your closet!